"The company have engaged with the many layers in Kelly’s text to create a vivid piece that is beautifully acted and designed and executed with enthralling energy.

Hugo Aguirre’s set design plays a huge part in this; in many ways, it is the star of the show. From the sounds of the actors walking across stones to the clouds of dust that billow up as they scramble violently through their grotesque world, this highly innovative design evokes more than artificial means could hope to." - The Spy in the Stalls, Debris Review 2018

"Hugo Aguirre's set will stay in my mind for months." - Rikki Beadle-Blair (MBE), Debris, Twitter 2018

“There’s no doubt that Hugo Aguirre (designer/director) and Franciska Éry (director), ably assisted by Liam Murphy (music), have produced a slick piece of theatre. It is visually arresting and tightly choreographed, with some well-orchestrated set pieces. Stylistically, it is reminiscent of the wonderful formative years of Theatre de Complicité. - The Spy In The Stalls, Asking For A Raise Review 2018

“Lizzie Manwaring and Hugo Aguirre, who have teamed up to co-direct, have cleverly crafted this show with many ingenious moments throughout. The pair has given a lot of freedom to the performers, placing trust in their ability to deliver. It certainly pays off. This coming of age drama is eclectic and kooky. You never know what is going to be said or done next and this anticipation really does keep the audience on the edge of their seats.” - Broadway World, WAGGO Review 2017

"Minimal staging works to this pieces advantage, but despite being rather bare, there are a few brilliant touches added to the design that don't go unnoticed." - Broadway World, Corpus Christi Review 2018

“The attention to detail of the design in this play is noteworthy — the greyscale office wear costumes are interrupted by splashes of yellow — a blouse, a tie, a button on a shirt, socks and a vest. The colour unifies the cast and shows how much care and attention has been put into making this production feel whole, which it wholeheartedly does. [...] By the end the cast are dishevelled and exasperated but it’s worth it, not necessarily because they get a raise, but more because Asking for a Raise is a feel-good and fun show, injected with wit and unexpected plot twists.” - A Younger Theatre, Asking For A Raise Review 2018